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New anechoic chamber with expanded frequency ranges

In the field of mobile communications, defined frequency ranges are increasingly allocated to specific applications. This takes place on the one hand in higher frequencies for massive data transmissions and on the other in lower frequency ranges for geographical ground cover. The latter is particularly important for its use in vehicles.

With the...

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The technology company

Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH is a technology company in communications technology that develops solutions and products along the megatrends of the telecommunication industry and networked Industry 4.0 via strong and rapid technological growth.

The Weimar location is right in the heart of the technology triangle of Jena, Erfurt and Ilmenau.

Having a broad development competence in high-frequency engineering, design engineering and embedded systems, the company is consistently moving towards intelligent antennas, which ever more electronics and software will contain.

A global trade fair presence

Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH offers customers and prospective customers at important trade fair venues products and applications in the fields of communications technology, automotive and smart industry right up to government agencies and organisations with security duties (BOS).

This provides an opportunity for customers and system suppliers to talk about attractive solutions and the latest developments, to initiate new projects or take a look together for successful cooperation.


You’ll find Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH every year at various trade fairs in Europe with an extensive and innovative range of products.


As a technology company we rely on long-term human resources investments and the permanent education of our employees. We keep close relationships to universities and training centers to support the education of our future colleagues.

Be part of a modern and ahead thinking company and apply for a specialist or management career.

Antennentechnik ABB Bad Blankenburg GmbH, with its Weimar HQ and further locations in Sweden and Turkey, is active across Europe as a manufacturer and developer of powerful antenna systems and modern communication solutions.